No Cook Chicken Taco Bowls

This recipe definitely falls into the #SemiHomemade category of weeknight dinners. By adding in some fresh veggies to some premade items, you can put out a fantastic dinner without much effort. This No Cook Chicken Taco Bowl will fill everyone up without sapping all your energy. A note about the corn – you need toContinue reading “No Cook Chicken Taco Bowls”

Chicken Tortellini Soup

Full of flavor hearty soups are the perfect cold weather weeknight meals that the whole family will enjoy. This recipe for Chicken Tortellini Soup is fairly simple to put together, with not a ton of active cooking going on. What makes this particular soup special is that it has not one but TWO unexpected ingredientsContinue reading “Chicken Tortellini Soup”

Cheesy Chicken Fajita Tacos

Tacos are a homemade on a weeknight staple kind of meal. Whether you choose to have them on Tuesdays with so many others the world over – or not – tacos are tailormade for simple weeknight cooking. All you really need is a protein (which is easy enough to get marinating the night before), someContinue reading “Cheesy Chicken Fajita Tacos”

Alfredo Chicken Sandwich

Chicken sandwiches are always a favorite in my house with my family. And alfredo is another top choice when it come to meals. So what could be better than putting them together to make a delicious – albeit messy – Alfredo Chicken Sandwich. The delicious peppery notes of arugula and bite of the crisp redContinue reading “Alfredo Chicken Sandwich”

Soup Season – a few of my favorite Soup Recipes

While soup can – and should! – be enjoyed year round, there is definitely a “soup season” when the weather turns colder. There is just something about the way the soup warms your tummy to help warm your whole body. Something great about soup is that you can do almost any flavor profile made intoContinue reading “Soup Season – a few of my favorite Soup Recipes”

Meatball Couscous Soup

This soup brings together some lovely Moroccan flavors in a delicious broth with scrumptious chicken meatballs. With so many bold flavors packed into this recipe, you do not actually have to do that much work. Meatball Couscous soup is going to be a big hit and makes for a perfect weeknight meal. For this recipeContinue reading “Meatball Couscous Soup”

Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

Sometimes you just a need a big ol’ chicken sandwich for dinner (or lunch). I like to layer a crispy fried chicken breast with some fresh veggies on toasted bun. This particular chicken sandwich has got a real kick from both the spicy chicken breast and the homemade spicy mayo. This recipe for some SpicyContinue reading “Spicy Chicken Sandwiches”

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

This is one of the simplest but seriously flavorful chicken recipes I have come up with to-date. I mean when you think of set it and forget it – this is it! This Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken takes minutes to put together, then you put on the lid and let it ride until you areContinue reading “Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken”

Chicken & Chorizo Tacos

When you think tacos, you may not always think of meatballs, but I’m here to tell you that you should. It is a great way to use ground meat in a taco without it just being loose meat. These Chicken & Chorizo Tacos are loaded down with the spicy bite of chorizo and the deliciousContinue reading “Chicken & Chorizo Tacos”

Chicken & Waffle Sliders

Chicken & Waffles has become a pub Grub staple right out of the southern comfort food recipe book. The delightful combo of sweet and savory makes for a delicious meal. So why not turn this new classic into a tasty Slider and bada boom bada Bing… you have Chicken & Waffle Sliders that the wholeContinue reading “Chicken & Waffle Sliders”

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