Salsa Chicken – try it for dinner tonight!

This cheesy chicken dish is seriously a fiesta in your mouth. The fresh and chunky salsa you put right on top of the chicken infuses so much flavor into the chicken and then topping it with a layer of mozzarella – just WOW! This dish is so tasty and pretty to boot! Salsa Chicken is going to make the top of your weekly meal plan rotation!

Salsa Chicken
Salsa Chicken

You can use the Salsa portion of the recipe to make a quick fresh Salsa for Taco night too. You may want to add some salt if you are going to us it on it’s own. That helps to break down the tomatoes a little which helps to mingle the flavors better. Baking it with the chicken has the same effect, that’s why you don’t need the extra salt.

Sometimes I serve this with Rice & Beans (there is a recipe that I use in the Homemade on a Weeknight Cookbook) or you could do a Southwest style salad or even just over white rice.

This dish is pretty mild in terms of spiciness – mostly because it’s for the whole family to eat. But it still packs some bold flavors. You can kick it up a few notches by not taking out the seeds like I did. You can see my whole method in the video below.

By using mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar, you knock the calorie count down as well. And adding that super food fresh avocado on the side makes it a healthy dinner choice for sure.

This recipe can be found in the Healthier Fare section of my cookbook – Homemade on a Weeknight (which is available from Amazon in either Paperback or Kindle versions). If you are looking for more recipes for your family – definitely get yourself a copy asap!

Now let’s get cookin’

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8 thoughts on “Salsa Chicken – try it for dinner tonight!

  1. Tu – Texas – Love to cook. Love to buy knives. Love to buy kitchen cookwares and gadgets. Love cats. Follow me for more recipes, cooking tips, and sometimes random stuff of my life.
    T.U says:

    I did do a version of this chicken but for burger instead. I also opted out for mozz cheese like yours. Amazing taste! #KCACOLS

  2. Jade – I am a mum of two boys who are both autistic. I blog to share information and resources from my own experiences related to autism that I believe may be useful to others. I also blog at The Breakfast Page.
    Jade says:

    This is right up mu street, I love salsa, mozarella and chicken all my favourite things will have to try it out. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

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