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Have you been scrolling through the food pics on this site and drooling? Do you need a go-to collection of recipes to sit down with each week to make your meal plan? Maybe it’s that you are just ready to start making meals at home with real ingredients to get your whole family on the healthy track? Well you are in luck! You can now purchase your own copy of the Homemade on a Weeknight Cookbook through Amazon today! It is available in Paperback or eBook Versions!

Homemade on a Weeknight: A Family Cookbook by Estelle Forrest

The Homemade on a Weeknight cookbook has 100 dinner recipes – divided into 5 categories:

Along with a collection of Side Dishes & Sauces to make every night of the week homemade! The ingredients are simple and easy to find in most grocery stores. You will find a variety of variations listed at the bottom many of the recipes as well as side dish suggestions.

You will also find Plating Notes on several recipes. This will help you make your food look as good as it will tastes. I have found that it’s especially important to make the plates looks appealing when you are trying to get your kids (or partner!) to try something new. The way you plate the meal also helps people to know “how” to eat the dish – sometimes a meal is better to eat all mixed together and sometimes it should be taken on in stages.

Right to left & Top to Bottom: Bacon & Bleu Steak Stuffed Potatoes, Pasta Salad, Huevos Rancheros, Sweet Pepper Nachos, Iberian Chicken, and Shrimp Burrito Bowls

Every one of these recipes have been made in my own kitchen and tested out on my husband and kids! I have spent hours and hours tweaking and trying new things so that I could create this collection of recipes. This weeknight cookbook is by no means a diet plan – Homemade on a Weeknight is a lifestyle plan. It is designed to help you and your family fall in love with eating real food at home any night of the week.

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