Taco Pasta Recipe Video

Check out my first very recipe video! I am sharing the Taco Pasta recipe from the Ethnic Adventures section of my cookbook – Homemade on a Weeknight! This dish is super easy to make – less than 30 minutes! And most of the ingredients are things that everyone has in their cupboards already, making it budget friendly.

Taco Pasta
Taco Pasta

This recipe came about by trying to find a variation on mac and cheese. What kid does not love mac and cheese – but how do you liven it up so the adults in the family will eat it too? Simple – add some meat, some green chilies, tomato paste, and some spices and you have Taco Pasta.

You can use any type of short pasta – shells, penne, rotini, cellantini, elbows, seriously any type of short pasta! And you can also change this recipe up a little by using Ground Beef instead of Ground Turkey or you could could give it a little more kick by using Pickled Jalapenos instead of Green Chilies! I usually serve this with a little Southwest Side Salad (lettuce, black beans, tomatoes, carrots, shredded cheese, tortilla strips and Avocado Ranch!)

I really hope you all like this video – it was very fun to make! And you can see one of my sons’ little hands helping me out!

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