#MeatlessMonday Challenge – Black Bean Burgers

I am super excited to take on a #MeatlessMonday Challenge from Stephanie over at Clean Food Mama. She makes so incredible food that is predominantly plant-based. I have been so impressed with the beautiful dishes she is creating for your family. Stephanie – like me – makes a huge effort to shape healthy eating habits for her kiddos (she has two teen boys!) and it is working! She tells me this is one of her kid’s favorite meals. You know we can’t pass up a burger in this house so here we go! Black Bean Burgers from Clean Food Mama!

Clean Eating Mama’s Black Bean Burgers

Now, if you have been following along with my blog – you know I live in a house of meat-eaters. They love their bacon and beef and chicken, for sure! But every now and then I like to switch things up and give them something with plenty of protein without the actual meats. My own personal diet (VSG) means high levels of protein are super important to my nutrition. As she points out – Black Beans are complex carbs and have high levels of protein and fiber. These are all things that make a balanced diet. Every once in a while I like to have my hubby and kids eat my diet and this burger is perfect for that!

Black Bean Burgers

I did opt to use my own secret sauce – although Stephanie’s looks so yum too! I used the one I made for my Cheeseburger Bowls. I did put it in a piece of green cabbage and topped it off with red onion, radishes slices, tomatoes and little sprinkle of finely shredded cheddar. O….M…..G…. these Black Bean Burgers are so darn good!

Black Bean Burgers

The combo of beans and veggies is spot on and produces such a pleasant mouthfeel. Stephanie gives such easy to follow directions that you really can’t mess this up. If you need a recipe for your own #MeatlessMonday Challenge – this is a great one!

Black Bean Burger Prep

3 thoughts on “#MeatlessMonday Challenge – Black Bean Burgers

  1. Thank you so much Estelle. I am so glad that you loved them. I am so excited that we are doing this fun challenge. I cannot wait to share your amazing Corn and Pasta recipe on my the Clean Food Mama blog this week.

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