Essential Oil-Infused Seasoning Salts

You have probably heard all the buzz around Essential Oils. They have a plethora of health and wellness properties – but they also taste great too! Recently I was asked by a wellness group I belong to, to try out some recipes with essential oils to see what I thought of it. I opted to start small with some Essential Oil-infused Seasoning Salts.

Essential Oil-Infused Seasoning Salts

A couple of things to note about using Essential Oils for food:

  1. Make sure that you are using FOOD GRADE oil. There is a difference and you will want to make sure that have the right kinds. The bottle should say that it’s okay to ingest.
  2. Less is more! Always put less than you think – you can always add more but you might find it difficult to balance out too much.
  3. Do not use plastic or metal bowls or utensils in direct contact with the oils. The oils tend to stick to them and not get mixed in thoroughly – glass is better.

Benefits of cooking with Essential Oils:

  1. You get big robust flavor faster. No need to have it sit all day to develop the flavors you are after.
  2. You can get amazing fresh citrus flavors when you don’t have fresh citrus on hand. Lemon, Lime and Orange oil can all be subbed in for the zest!
  3. Many oils can aide in the digestive process by promoting positive enzymes.
  4. Cooking with and ingesting essential oils is a great way to boost your mood and energy levels!

After playing around with different blends of salts, seasonings and oils – I settled on these three:

Lemon Rosemary – perfect for grilled chicken or pork tenderloin

Lemon Rosemary Seasoning Salt

Sweet & Salty – would be wonderful on fresh popped popcorn, or maybe even over some vanilla ice cream!

Sweet & Salty Seasoning Salt

Spicy Lime – destined for greatness over some carne asada for your next Taco Tuesday! This is could be an interesting addition to my Salsa Chicken too!

Spicy Lime Seasoning Salt

I am by no means an expert about essential oils – I am still learning and experimenting with them. As with any new foodie endeavor you should make sure it’s right for you and your family. For more tips on how to cook with essential oils you can visit the Young Living website (they are a leader in the essential oil world!)

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