Greetings from The Coop #5

For the last few weeks we have embarked on the world of microgreens and growing them ourselves. We are totally hooked and will be scaling up our efforts to ensure we have them on hand year round. So far our favorites are Radish and Broccoli. We also tried pea and sunflower – but they wereContinue reading “Greetings from The Coop #5”

Greetings from The Coop #4

It has been really great to see the positive response this series is getting. I love getting the chance to share my passion for raising Chickens and ducks in my Modern Micro Homestead. They are a big part of my life, as they are the first task I complete every single day. I have toContinue reading “Greetings from The Coop #4”

Greetings from The Coop #3

Duck Eggs vs Chicken Eggs – what is the actual difference? In general the size is the most obvious difference, however it is not always the case. We have had both chickens and ducks for about 2 years now. More often than not the duck eggs are larger than the chicken eggs – even thoughContinue reading “Greetings from The Coop #3”

Greetings from The Coop #2

This week is all about the eggs. Of course eggs are one of the main purposes of tending to a flock of chickens & ducks. Eggs are such a great source of protein and important part of a well balanced diet. But if you have been to the grocery recipes, you probably see how quicklyContinue reading “Greetings from The Coop #2”

Greeting from The Coop #1

I talk about my backyard flock pretty often in my blog posts, but I haven’t ever really laid out what exactly it is that we have on our “Modern Micro Homestead”. I also get asked often how so many of my dishes have so many eggs in them. Well the short answer is – whenContinue reading “Greeting from The Coop #1”

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