Things I Found on Amazon this Week – #6

Every kitchen needs some cool gadgets to make things run smoother, work better or just plain make life easier. This week I want to share a few things that I {ACTUALLY} bought on Amazon and just love! Whether you are looking for some gift ideas for the home cook in your life or just want to treat yourself to something fun for your kitchen set-up, I hope you will come back each week to see what else I found. And yes – of course – these are some affiliate links in the post.

Coffee Mug Organizers – we have soooo many cups in our cabinets. We are a house of tea, coffee and water drinkers, so we have a lot of mugs and glasses. These convenient organizers double the available space without having to install anything permanent. And they are adjustable so you can use them for all sizes.

64oz Mason Jars (3 Pack) – I use mason jars for some many things in the kitchen and out of the kitchen. We use them to feed and water our baby chicks, we use them to store out microgreens. We use them to make sauces and dressings and even just as cups. These half gallon sized jugs are perfect for making things like Kimchi, or storing dry goods like sugar, flour or rice.

Short Oven Mitts – I have been using this style of oven mitt for years. I very much prefer them to the longer mitt style or a pot holder. It’s sort of the best of both worlds, you can put them on easily and you don’t have to worry about a pot holder falling out of your hand.

Snap Ball Tea Strainers – we are a family of tea drinkers and we like to use loose leaf tea. While bagged tea is just fine, you do actually get a bit more flavor from a loose leaf teas. These tea strainers are perfect for the kids because you just squeeze the ball open, scoop up the tea and let is close.

Weekly Meal Plan Notepad – I use this every week. It helps me make sure I have the groceries I need and helps me make sure that the meals will match up with our schedules. These types of notepads make it super easy to keep up with this habit.

Do you have any must-have kitchen tools or gadgets that you want to share? Do you have any suggestion so things that you want me to check out?

PLEASE NOTE: This post contains affiliate links to products included.

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