5 More DIY Spice Blends

Spice blends are an ever present and important part of homecooking. You can find all sorts of pre-made blends at the grocery but if you look closely they have a lot of preservatives in them to help them stay shelf stable, and not get clumpy – namely lots and lots of salt (or some form of sodium). So whenever I can I try to make my own blends. These can be used right away or you can store them in airtight spice containers for later use (up to 6 weeks). I have put to get 5 More DIY Spice Blends I use pretty regularly.

5 More DIY Spice Blends

Take note that all of the herbs are of the dried variety. Fresh will not work in the same proportions and will not keep the same. Another important type for maximum flavor is the slightly grind the blends (with a pestle and mortar or the back of spoon) to help muddle and mingle the flavors together. I buy most of my spices and dried herbs from the bulk bin at my grocer. You can also buy larger quantities at restaurant supply places (like Smart&Final or The Chef Store).

Ranch Seasoning

Ranch seasoning is for so much more than salad dressing. In recent years, the idea of ranch flavored everything is, well, everywhere. The real key to ranch seasoning is the dried chives. Of all the seasoning blends I’ve shared, this one absolutely needs the smashing of the pestle and morter for success.

All-Purpose Seasoning

Steak Seasoning is, of course, best for Steaks like a ribeye or T-bone. But it can be used in beef and pasta combos as well as a gourmet burger option. It packs a big punch of flavor that you will be so thrilled with.

Poultry Seasoning

Pizza Seasoning is another blend that is good for so much more than the name implies. It’s absolutely perfect for adding to tomato Puree for a base pizza sauce. You can also sprinkle it over the completed pizza creation before the last bake. But it also works in burgers, pastas and casseroles.

BBQ seasoning is great for anything you want to put on the grill. But it makes a great start for a homemade BBQ sauce. So use it on your ribs, tri-tip or chicken on the grill or smoker and you will be enjoying deep flavors.

Italian seasoning is a true staple and can be used in so much more than Italian cuisine. It can be used for beef, pork, lamb, chicken or vegetables. It can be added to oil and vinegar for a simple dressing or marinade.

So that’s some of my favorite spice blends. Do you have a favorite spice blend that I missed?

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