One Pot Wonders – easy Chicken dinners!

Some nights you just need something so super easy to make that doesn’t cause a lot of mess and still tastes amazing! One Pot Wonders is a huge part of the theory behind my cookbook – Homemade on a Weeknight. It’s all about making real food quickly so you can enjoy your evening with your family and know you feed them a good meal! I have put together this collection of the Chicken One Pot Wonders directly from my cookbook!

One Pot Wonders

All four of these recipes have Chicken in them – two with Chicken Sausage and two with Chicken Thighs. We eat a lot of chicken in my house – but rarely is it some boring baked chicken breast. I actually prefer Chicken Thighs because they have more flavor. And Chicken Sausage is such a great way to get awesome flavors on your plate without the weird fillers of hot dogs. I usually get Adelis or Open Nature brands, they both have good ingredients.

  1. Ooey Gooey Cheesy Chicken & Spinach Orzo – Who does not love cheesy goodness? Adding the spinach makes sure the kids are eating their veggies and orzo is a fun pasta to eat. My kids – and husband – always eat every last bit of this meal. It is quick, it is easy, and it is ooey gooey cheesy goodness.
One Pot Wonders – Ooey Gooey Cheesy Chicken & Spinach Orzo

2. Sweet Potato Skillet – Sweet Potatoes make the perfect – healthier – base for just about any skillet. Mixed with some yummy Chicken Sausage and topped off with a little mozzarella makes this dish so very yummy – and quick.

One Pot Wonders – Sweet Potato Skillet

3. One Pot Spanish Chicken & Rice – When you can put all of your ingredients in a single pan or pot and walk away to help with homework or get the laundry folded or watch an episode of your fave show – it is a win! This dish has so much flavor packed into it – it will taste like you slaved over the hot stove for hours.

One Pot Wonders – Spanish Chicken & Rice

4. Cheesy Chicken Sausage Pasta – This one pot wonder packs so much flavor and a little kick of spice. The diced tomatoes and red pepper flakes combined with the cheesy goodness over pasta make a great weeknight dish. It is simple to pull together and done in less than 30 minutes.

One Pot Wonders – Cheesy Chicken Sausage Pasta

If you are looking for a non-chicken recipe – check out my Taco Pasta Recipe – which is made with Ground Turkey!

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I am a lot of things – wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, friend, business owner, volunteer, and a home chef. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of my adult life and plan to stay forever – while traveling a lot. I am currently running a General Contracting business with my husband out of our home. Between us we have 6 kids in our blended family, 4 of which live with us full-time. We are a highly active family during the week – sports, bands, dance classes – as well as on the weekend – camping, hiking, car shows, and concerts. We like to go go go, but when it comes to dinnertime, we mostly like to dine-in! I love to create things with my hands and have probably tried almost every craft out there at least once or twice. Cooking is a huge part of my life. No matter what anyone says – you can taste the difference in the food if it was made with love. Some of the simplest meals can be elevated so much when they are cooked with care. Pouring love into the meals I create brings a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction, not only to me, but to the people I care about.

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  1. Jade – I am a mum of two boys who are both autistic. I blog to share information and resources from my own experiences related to autism that I believe may be useful to others. I also blog at The Breakfast Page.
    Jade says:

    These all look delicious especially the Ooey Gooey Cheesy Chicken & Spinach Orzo. I am totally in need of more one pot dishes in my life. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  2. Congratulations!
    Your awesome post is featured on our Top Ten Features for Full Plate Thursday,504 this week! Thanks so much for sharing with us and hope to see you again soon!
    Miz Helen

  3. These recipes look so yummy! Especially as l love chicken, cheese, pasta and spinach which I think is so under rated xx #KCACOLS

  4. hellosewing – Seamstress. Adventurer. Fueled by coffee, carbs and dark humor. Advocating for creative living, optimism, and everything beautiful.
    hellosewing says:

    that looks sooo delicious and the dinner is not ready yet! I would love to try it #kcacols

  5. Carly Crawford – United Kingdom – Hi, I'm Carly. I'm a mum of two little girls, aged 9 and 11. My blog is about Parenting and Family Travel adventures. We live in Yorkshire in the UK.
    MomOfTwoLittleGirls says:

    I love a one pot wonder dish. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to pin for future reference! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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